Lead and lead alloys

ingot, block, granules, anodes

SPA PHOENIX manufactures lead in ingots, blocks, slabs, anodes, cathodes, as well as in any other form by customer order.

Lead production is carried out according to high standards in strict compliance with technological processes and is able to provide large supply volumes.

Each batch of lead manufactured in our facilities is analyzed in an accredited specialized spectral laboratory for the analysis of non-ferrous metals and alloys. The laboratory confirms the chemical composition of lead (purity) with a passport for each batch manufactured.

Steps in working with us:

1.You make an order in any way convenient for you (by phone or email).
2.We agree on the scope of supply and conclude a contract.
3.We manufacture products.
4.We check the quality of finished products in our own laboratory.
5.We deliver your order by the optimal mode of transport.

Lead is most commonly used in the manufacture of lead sheaths for power cables, lead-acid batteries, elbows, vessels, refrigerators, chambers and apparatus (which are subject to the damaging effects of hydrochloric and sulfuric acids), in electroplating, for the production of lead solders, cathodes, anodes and babbitts. Lead is also used in the nuclear, medical, space, and defense industries.

It is worth noting that in addition to the aforementioned areas, lead is used for scientific purposes, such as radiological research.

Delivery of products SPA Phoenix

Lead and lead alloys delivery to the customer is carried out anywhere in the world, by rail, transport companies.

You can pick up the paid order from our warehouse on your own: St. Petersburg, Metallostroy village

Sales department

Head of sales
Tokareva Svetlana Alexandrovna
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Deputy head of sales
Kapralov Petr Sergeevich
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